Cloud computing is a general industry term which describes any virtualised environment, be it Applications, Servers, Network, Storage etc. Cloud Computing can be further categorised into 3 main models: Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid/Utility Cloud (a combination of public and private) Infrastructure as a Service or IAAS. Cloud Computing refers to the use of someone else’s computer resources for the purpose of running apps, storing data – basically any task that requires a computer.

New Age Solutions provide Cloud Computing solutions which suit business of all sizes.  Our own in-house hosted servers are a great all-around solution, plus we design implement and manage hosted services from mainstream providers such as Amazon and Microsoft. Our team of skilled Consultants will work with you to determine the best solution for your business requirements.

We provide cost effective, high performance cloud solutions to Australian businesses of all sizes.

The benefits of Cloud Computing to your business could be;

  • Dramatically reduced IT labour costs in areas such as systems configuration, operations, management and maintenance.
  • Improved capital utilisation by turning capital expenditure into operational costs
  • Reduced Time and Simplified provisioning of IT resources – lengthy, costly, complicated processes can be streamlined.
  • Reduced end user IT support costs.
  • Permits budget destined for new IT investment to be used elsewhere in the business
  • Increased speed in deployment of new systems capabilities.

Additional information about specific Cloud Computing models can be found below: