Spam Filtering FAQ

Sadly the majority of email received today is spam.  And despite the best efforts of Internet providers, software manufactures, and governments, there seems to be no stopping the increasing tide of spam.

Fortunately there is a way to turn the tide of spam by subscribing to our spam filtering service that will stop most spam at our servers, before it slows down your Internet connection or email server.

The cost is $5/mailbox/month.If you have 10 or more mailboxes then the price per mailbox is reduced.
Definitely not! You just pay for this monthly in advance for as long as you see value in it.
Yes. When the first email is quarantined for you a link will be emailed to you with your own username and password. From this link you can view filtered emails, have them delivered to your mailbox, whitelist email addresses and more.
Yes! We guarantee that you will receive no emails containing viruses and less than one spam message per day on average. We guarantee this and should you find it’s not the case, we will refund the email filtering charges for all of your mailboxes for that month.
You certainly can. We offer a free 30 day trial.
It does it by “spam-scoring” all emails received. The score is a number calculated by looking at many factors, some of the main ones are

  • The mail server that sent the email (and they have a lists of known spammers)
  • The number of people the email was sent to
  • The subject line of the email
  • The text contained in the email

Emails with a score higher than a preset value get quarantined.

Whitelisting is the process of telling the spam-filter that a particular email address is good. Future emails from that address to you will not be blocked.
It’s kind of the opposite of whitelisting. All future emails sent to you from that address will be blocked.
Yes. It will act as a backup email receiver for your emails. If your email server is down or unavailable it will hold non-spam emails for you for up to 7 days. Spam emails are automatically deleted after 30 days.
It keeps a copy of all of your messages for 30 days, accessible only by you (and administrators) and then they are purged. Spam emails are kept for 30 days.