Email Archiving FAQ

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a permanent record of every email sent and received?  Too often we are asked to help find emails for court cases or when people wipe their sent items before finishing in a job.  While with most email servers deleted messages can be recovered for a period of time wouldn’t it be better to have the certainty that all messages can always be retrieved?

Yes, all emails sent and received are archived.
You and the nominated administrator for your emails. Only the nominated administrator can delete archived emails.
The emails are kept for as long as you subscribe to the service.
Yes, the emails are backed up daily and some backups are stored offsite.
The cost is $10/mailbox/month. For 10 or more mailboxes the price per mailbox is less.
While this service will have a copy of all emails, you still need to backup your mail server. These archived emails are stored in a different format to a normal mail server – to speed up searching and to use space more efficiently. Because of this the archived emails can’t easily be restored to your main mail server.
Yes, there is a web interface though which each person can search, but not delete, their own emails. Administrators can search across multiple mailboxes and do have the permission to delete emails.
Only administrators.
Yes, even emails that are sent between people on your mail server will be archived.
Generally not. We include our spam filtering service with email archiving to ensure that most spam emails are excluded from the archive.