Websites FAQ

If you’re in business you need to have a website.  But what should it look like?  Should it be an “electronic brochure” or do you want it to do more?  Welcome to one of the most rapidly evolving areas of IT.  And we are here to help you with it!

It very much depends on what you want it to do and how much of it you would like us to do.
A few days for one like this if you have the text ready. Up to 1-2 months for more complex sites
That very much depends on the purpose of your website. We will develop it in such a way that you can update it yourself and as a guide you should be adding something to it every 2-4 weeks
Again, it depends, but probably. Some businesses now only have a Facebook page and no outside website. We don’t recommend this approach though.
Maybe. Linkedin is like a business-orientated version of Facebook. So if the clients of your business are other businesses, then you should probably start with Linkedin and then move on to Facebook.
With time, yes. But we recommend that you start by getting your website right and then over time branching out into search engine optimisation (which is a topic worthy of it’s own page of FAQs – stay tuned J), Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter
This depends on how your website is setup and who is hosting – or storing your website. Usually you can access reports on the number of people that visited your website each hour/day/week and from what country they are visiting. You can often see which pages of your website they visited and sometimes how long they spent on them as well as who “referred” them to your website in the first place
This is really a question about search engine optimisation or SEO as it’s commonly referred. The short answer is that the top position in Google is usually auctioned. So if you are prepared to pay, then you can go straight to the top. But being the top isn’t everything, and many business are paying large amounts of money to be at or near the top – but is the guaranteed to deliver results for them??? We will be devoting an entire page to issues surrounding this in the not-too-distant future, but for now please contact us if you would like to know more
This relates to our answer above too. Particularly when starting out, the answer is probably yes, but only as part of your online marketing strategy – not as the whole strategy
As above, sometimes. They all have their place and we would be happy to share our thoughts as to when and why you would use these different mediums.