Software Selection FAQ

Selecting a significant piece of software is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in business.  Benefit from our experience over almost 20 years in working with businesses like yours weighing up the pros and cons of different packages and going about implementing them.  For most of our clients it’s a decision that you will only make every 10 years or more.  Don’t you want to be sure that you are choosing the best package for your business?

It varies a lot depending on your requirements.  Just fill out the form below and we will have an initial complimentary discussion with you.  After this we will provide a fixed price to assist with the next phase.
Our clients have told us that we are able to get “intelligence” about the packages under consideration by talking IT person to IT person with users of the different packages and reporting back to you.
Because you are paying us to be!  While we have experience with lots of different software packages, we have no commercial relationships with any of these providers.  You benefit from our years of experience – both good and bad!
  • Successful track record – you don’t want them to be learning on your time!
  • Features/facilities match – the package as-is needs to be right for you without lots of customisations
  • Right size for you – it’s important that you are neither their smallest client, and not their largest either
  • Integrations – this package will likely need to work with other programs for you, even if only email!
  • Data migration – one of the most-overlooked points!  You almost-certainly have information that needs to be imported – how will this be handled?