Offsite Backups FAQ

Do you manually backup your server/s?  Hopefully you have backup software that automatically schedules your backups to make sure that they are done.  Who takes your backups offsite?  Who does this when they are on holidays or away?  Wouldn’t it be better to automatically have your backups taken offsite?

The cost varies a little depending on the software on your computer and also on the amount of data in use. As a guide, it’s around $50/month for a desktop or notebook computer and around $180/month for a Windows Server.
In our data centre, and at a second remote site. We can also provide you with a hard disk with your back on it.
Backups are encrypted with a password that you choose. The backups can’t be opened or restored without this password.
We can restore all of your programs, data, and settings to a replacement computer for you. Usually within only 1-2 hours. There will be an additional charge for doing this.
In most cases, we can remove the virus or malware in 1-2 hours. Should it take longer then restoring your computer to before you were infected with the virus may be a faster option.
Individual files or groups of files can quickly and easily be recovered without restoring your whole system. We can help with this.
Shutdown your computer and call us straight away! Continuing to use your computer when it has a virus could risk your personal information being shared and/or lost and can create problems with your Internet Provider and email server.
Not always. It depends on the amount of information to be backed up and on how much of that information changes from day to day. If backing up over your Internet connection is not practical we have a number of other options including:

  • Doing the first backup to a local drive, and just backing up changes over the Internet
  • Posting or couriering backups on a regular basis until improvements in backup software and Internet connections make it practical for your situation
Definitely not. Your backups will remain in our main data centre in Coorparoo and additional copies will be kept in our secure offsite location.