Phone Systems FAQ

VoIP it is short for Voice over Internet Protocol which is a Telecommunication system that passes through a broadband connection (the internet). Rather than using phone lines, you make and receive phone calls just as you would normally which pass over the internet saving you money.
Porting is the term used when transferring your phone number from one telephone provider or location to another, meaning that the number stays with you and people contacting you won’t have to learn a new number.
To port your number, we will contact the Telecommunications Company that you are with; or are switching to who will arrange a handover of that number and assign it to your account.
We are able to setup your VoIP phone system offsite and test onsite without any interruption to your current phone system, but in most cases we would allow 1 – 2 business days to allow the Porting of your phone number before terminating your phone service.
National Unlimited Calls – 10c, Mobiles 17c p/m & International from 1.9c p/m
The VoIP service which we recommend allows 4 lines (4 concurrent calls) that costs $30 a month
Yes, however this will vary on your Internet connection speed at the site where the IP PBX (VoIP Box) is located.
Yes, however the call quality will rely on the remote staff’s connection as well as the site where the IP-PBX (VoIP box) is located.
Yes, the Apple Store has an application which can allow you to use your iPhone as an extension on an internal wireless connection, we are still awaiting an App to be published on the Android market.
Not at this stage unfortunately.
Their are several ways in which this can be done; keep 1 existing telephone line dedicated towards fax, we can sign up for a Fax to Email service and port forward your fax number so you can keep your existing fax number, and final is an option which you should only select if you have a digital number you are unable to forward, where you port the number and place a forward on the IP-PBX system to the fax to email service.
This can be setup in two ways; an email which is sent an email address of your choice to be delivered as an attachment or the conventional method which is to access it by using the deskphone.
Yes, there are services with our provider that we are able to setup which is a better option for single or home phone installations.