Hosted Servers FAQ

Want your own cloud server?  We offer your own cloud server customised just the way that you want it.  You get your own dedicated Windows Server that we backup and look after for you.

As much as it needs to perform well for you. We will increase the amount of memory allocated to your server in line with the number of users.
Up to 200GB in included. Additional space is available for $50/month per additional 100GB.
No need. Hosted servers include our managed backups in the price. We will automatically backup your server every day. Daily backups are kept for at least 2 weeks, and weekly backups are kept for at least 1 month. If you need additional depth of backups, or would like us to provide you with a one-off backup (eg at the end of financial year) or if you would like them on a regular basis, then we can certainly provide this for an additional fee.
Almost all Windows applications are compatible. We are currently running applications based on Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, accounting systems like MYOB and specialty accounting packages used by Veterinarians and Physiotherapists to name just a few. Please ask if you have an unusual requirement.
By calling or emailing our team members just as you would normally during business hours. After hours support is available for an additional charge.
If you need it, yes. Many of our clients are happy for us to look after all of the administration of your server but it’s your choice.
Yes, there is a small additional monthly charge for SQL server.
It definitely can, again there is a small additional monthly charge to cover the license for Microsoft Exchange Server.
Yes, it can subject to the normal limitations of Small Business Server. The main one being that it is limited to a maximum of 75 users.
In the range of $112/person/month up to $196/person/month depending on:

  • Number of people
  • If Microsoft Small Business Server is required
  • If Microsoft SQL Server is required
  • If Microsoft Exchange is required
  • If Microsoft Office is required