Ethernet over Power – Get connected – using Power!

If you’ve ever been confronted with moving your ADSL router or other networked devices, there may be a better way.

I had to address this exact issue recently when I had to move my ADSL router. In past times I just ran an extended phone line to the location in which it would be best used to connect my devices via Ethernet cables; however this would reduce the download speeds I would receive which I just had to live within the past.

In the last week I’ve moved my modem out of sight, but not out of mind as my desktop workstation remains disconnect from the network, wireless isn’t an option due the constant video streaming to my TV. So my only solution which I’ve found without getting an electrician onsite is, Ethernet over Power which will fix my issue in a matter of minutes through easy non-technical setup.

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3D Printing – Changing the future of Science, Development & Shopping

3D printing is a hard concept to grasp at first. It’s NOT your current 2D printer printing an image on a piece of paper!

The best way to describe it is to think of an Inkjet printer; going left to right, forwards and backwards, but now add up and down to create a three dimensional object by placing successive layers of material on top of each other to create the object.

This 3D printing technology is integrated with 3D image files, like CAD files to create 3D design. By using laser technology you first scan an object, and we now have the ability to print a clone of that exact object. The 3D printer can already be found in a lot of ‘Research & Development’ companies for the re-creation of a prototype after making adjustments, or just to re-make the prototype to send to another division or team.

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Facebook – Connecting friends or collecting information?

Facebook and all social media sites should be treated like everything on the Internet… WITH CAUTION!
Facebook as you would know, is the latest free social media hub for everyone, sharing photos, locations, opinions and pretty much anything you can think about.

Like the rest of the world, I have a Facebook account. I don’t like to use it, but I conformed to societal norms after pressure from nagging friends to keep in touch. Seems you’re a social leper these days if you don’t have a Facebook account.

What many people don’t understand about Facebook, is that many things inside the Facebook website are external applications from other companies and web developers, which can download viruses and other malicious softwarein the background. For example, playing a game can install a malware infection on your computer. As an I.T Professional, the amount of infected PC’s which have required my attention to resolve malicious software which requests credit card details, has doubled from past years.

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Backup Mistakes and How to Fix them

Hello and thanks for visiting NAS,You’ve come to this page because you probably read our article about the 9 Biggest Backup Mistakes and How to Fix them. If you didn’t receive your Free Report yet, please complete this form and request the Report in the comments section, and we will email it to you.

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